Tarpon Fish

Tarpon are fish of the genus Megalops. They are the only members of the family Megalopidae. Of the two species, one (M. atlanticus) is native to the Atlantic, and the other (M. cyprinoides) to the Indo-Pacific Oceans.

The magnificent Tarpon, a silver beauty with a robust frame, is a species that thrives in a distinctive habitat characterized by warm, shallow, and dark bodies of water. They often prefer sandy mud bottoms that provide an ideal environment for them to grow and develop. Interestingly, these fish can commonly be seen ascending rivers into freshwaters in search of food and comfortable living conditions. As these thriving creatures develop from the juvenile stage to adulthood, they usually return to the ocean’s open waters where they can explore, hunt, and socialize with other Tarpons. However, it’s worth noting that some Tarpons decide to make freshwater habitats their permanent home, adding to the diversity of aquatic life found in rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Overall, Tarpons are fascinating creatures with unique features that make them a vital part of our ecosystem.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Welcome to 10K Charters! 

We target TARPON, the worlds #1 inshore sport fish! These charters are for the more serious anglers, or for someone just looking for the chance at a fish of a lifetime! Tarpon are large, smart and require patience and determination! We use todays latest technology and top notch equipment in a clean and comfortable 23ft bay boat.

Tarpon fishing near Marco Island/ the 10,000 Islands and deep into the winding jungle of the Everglades National Park.

This won’t be a journey you’ll forget!

Long Day

  • 1-2 anglers $1,200 (3 anglers $1,300)
  • Guaranteed Tarpon hook up or you pay full day rate.
  • We will travel long distances inshore.


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Full Day

  • 1-2 anglers $900 (3 anglers $1,000)
  • Your typical Tarpon fishing trip.
  • Trips beyond Choko pass will be subject to a $100 fuel surcharge.

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*Cash or check is Preferred, you may use a credit card at a 3.5% fee.*

What to Bring

Bagged Drinks/ snacks (there will be a cooler and ice for you on the boat!) sunglasses, sunscreen, weather appropriate clothing.


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