Captain Logan

Proudly from Brainerd, Minnesota! Captain Logan has found his home and his calling here in south Florida as a full time Tarpon Fishing guide.
Hello! My name is Logan Waidelich, owner of 10K Charters.

One thing a lot of fishermen have in common, is that we can thank our parents and grandparents for getting us on the water early. I don’t remember my first time going fishing, I just hear stories about it while looking back at pictures laughing at the way I looked all bundled up on the ice, or steering the boat when I could barely even walk!

I learned to fish at a very young age, with my Father and Grandfather taking time to show me tricks and tips for catching panfish and bass off of the dock. One story I love, is when I was fishing off of the dock at “Nana and Papa’s” house dangling my jig between the narrow wooden boards of the dock I attempted to catch a tiny bluegill that I could see and I hooked it, however a monster bass lunged out from the shade of the pontoon and ate the bluegill! Unfortunately, I couldn’t land it, as I was maybe 4 years old and fishing through a half-inch gap in the dock! – lesson learned.

We have a small amount of seasonal neighbors at home and I would always run along the front yards of their houses at the first light and catch bass sitting in the shade from canopies. this picture is from a few doors down with my old dog Duke, he was my fishing buddy who followed me around to every dock patiently waiting to lick the fish I brought in.

I was always bringing a rod with on the torturous pontoon cruises around the lake, I didn’t see the point of “relaxing” when there were fish waiting to be caught down there… All of these memories are just a reminder of how I fell in love with fishing, my family and friends taking time out of their day to bring me fishing is what did it. That’s what allowed me to be persistent at it and grow as a young fisherman and I will forever be thankful for that. To all of my friends, family, neighbors, employers, guides leagues, and everyone else who helped me get here today, I thank you and I owe you all

~ Logan, 10K Charters.

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