Professional Tarpon Fishing Charters

Marco Island, Florida

Guided Fishing Adventures

Tarpon fishing Inshore/ nearshore is our main goal, with permit being a close second (if the weather allows). Most of the trips I do are focused on catching tarpon. However, there are a few days during Dec-Feb (cold fronts) where it is wise to fish other species like snook, jacks, and trout just to keep the rods bent and clients happy!

We always carry gear for multi species fishing as well, if we catch a tarpon or multiple tarpon and want to fish other species we can definitely switch it up! Sharks are very common when the water is warm, and if you enjoy catching sharks we can focus on targeting those also! We have tons of shark species here including bullsharks, lemon sharks and blacktip sharks. There are many many others as well

Long Day

  • 1-2 anglers $1,200 (3 anglers $1,300)
  • Guaranteed Tarpon hook up or you pay full day rate.
  • We will travel long distances inshore.


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Full Day

  • 1-2 anglers $900 (3 anglers $1,000)
  • Your typical Tarpon fishing trip.
  • Trips beyond Choko pass will be subject to a $100 fuel surcharge.

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Half Day

  • 1-3 anglers $650
  • 4 hours fishing locally for snook, snapper, trout etc… (catch and release)

*Cash or check is Preferred, you may use a credit card at a 3.5% fee.*

What to Bring

Bagged Drinks/ snacks (there will be a cooler and ice for you on the boat! sunglasses, sunscreen, weather appropriate clothing.


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